Current foundation Chairman Ted Wen continues his parents’ legacy of caring for others and operates the foundation in line with their core beliefs. Chairman Wen and his team have set the following vision and mission for the foundation that draw upon the foundation’s three core values of education, innovation, and care:

The vision - “To provide talents for future society.”

The mission - “Promote lifelong learning and develop talent”; “Inspire innovative ideas and realize these values” To pursue its vision and mission, the foundation has also set clear goals for cultivating “new service talent” and for creating further practical value in the service sector. The four development areas as associated goals follow:  


Embed Chinese cultural education in primary and secondary schools: Instill a human-centered attitude toward services.

Teach junior high school students about the depth of Chinese culture as well as about moral reasoning through reading and discussing ancient literature such as the Analects. This goal will be achieved through reading promotion, self-expression skills training, and hands-on experience, allowing students to form a human-centric, highly considerate attitude toward service.


Enhance career skills and a teamwork mindset in vocational and college students: Foster a collaborative and supportive spirit of teamwork.

Encourage pre-career learning at the senior high school and college/university level using a comprehensive three-tier system of competitive selection, professional training, and private-sector internship experience. As part of a team, students begin with creative planning and work on professional project-planning modules to create practical, teamwork-based strategies. This training provides students with critical teamwork skills and experience that should facilitate their smooth transition into the service and other industries.


Promote broad-based interdisciplinary learning in the community
Establish different perspectives of broad-based knowledge and application

Through different levels of professional training and joint learning locally and internationally, we help people in the workplace cultivate a wide range of cross-disciplinary knowledge. As such, they become prepared for today's service economy by becoming irreplaceable talents who can meet future needs.


Promote service science to enhance national competitiveness.
Provide knowledge and skills that are oriented toward value creation through service

We help students and professionals in all disciplines to cultivate service attitude, team spirit and cross-disciplinary broad-based knowledge. Then through service technology, we help them systematically learn service skills and service value creation, thereby meeting the societal need for new service talents.

Meanwhile, the foundation looks forward to working closely with the iSee Taiwan Foundation to build an intelligent platform that bridges the exquisite service industry to the professional talent that it requires. The foundation hopes to develop the exquisite service industry into a core Taiwan industry over the next decade and to make this sector a successful prototype for the global service economy.